5 Reasons to Have Portable Toilets at Construction Sites

5 Reasons to Have Portable Toilets at Construction Sites Portable toilets on construction sites has many advantages not only do they benefit your clients, workers and the environment, but they can also save you money. Below are the top 5 reasons we believe that make portable toilets on construction sites a must for your future projects.
  1. Convenience
Portable toilets can be used 24 hours of the day, making them a convenient option for toilet use on construction sites and restricting work to only 9 to 5. Because the toilets are available onsite, your team will not need to leave the site and any issues with large scale projects of water and sewer lines being shut off will have no effect.
  1. Productivity
Providing portable toilets on your construction site, will eliminate your workforce travel time to find a public toilet and the possibility distractions. Workers will be able to walk right to on-site portable restrooms and be back on the job within minutes and as the toilets are on site this means the amount of breaks will also be reduced. Efficiency is key to any successful project and every second counts in project management, the increase in productivity from portable toilets will then result in projects being complete on schedule or even ahead of time.  
  1. Respect of Clients
Keeping clients happy is vital for customer satisfaction and clients who are persistently disturbed by workers coming in and using the business toilets can frustrate in the long term. Large numbers of workers on a construction site can also make the toilets dirty trudging in and out and disturbing the productivity within.  
  1. OSHA Standards
Depending on your project’s specifications, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) may also demand portable toilets for your workers. For instance, if water or sewer lines aren’t working for 72 hours, you must install no less than one portable toilet on your work site. Like other regulations, if you do not comply with the law, your project may be stopped and you can incur costly fines. Therefore, it’s important to have portable toilets to follow these standards.  
  1. Keeps the Planet Healthy
One of the benefits of portable toilets on construction sites is the positive impact on the environment. Public toilets use far more clean water rather than portable toilets to do the same job and this positive effect on the environment can save gallons of water used by the workforce. It is also worth mentioning that what is good for the environment is also good for business, as you can tout the environmental consciousness of your work site to prospective clients.

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